First for Holten

HOLTEN – One Holtenentrepreneur helps the other. How wonderful is that to move together in these times. Metalin owner Hans van Geest worked out and put into production a simple but brilliant idea together with Floris Schoemaker and Alex Punte. The Destiport disinfects a shopping cart in its entirety. A mini wash, actually, not with soap and water but with a biological disinfectant.

Floris: “Last week we came up with the idea for a car wash for shopping carts. No more hassle with wipes and sprays and very labor intensive. Now one employee is sufficient to disinfect the carts.”

Hans van Geest: “Last week we placed the first in Bathmen and from that moment on it started rolling. We have already received orders from England and have therefore increased production of the Destiport in Holten and given priority.”

Léon Haanstra is also pleased with the Destiport: “From today the carts are completely disinfected. This allows our customers to shop with peace of mind. Of course, all the measures in force must be taken into account while shopping.”