RIVM: 722 new corona patients in hospital

722 new corona patients have been admitted to the hospital. That’s what the RIVM reports. These are more new patients than reported yesterday: 507 new patients. The total number of corona patients hospitalized or admitted is 4712.

“The province of North Brabant seems to be over the peak of the number of new hospitaladmissions”, states the RIVM. In South Holland, North Holland, Gelderland and Limburg, the number of hospitaladmissions is still increasing. The measures taken appear to have a positive effect on the number of patients admitted and the number of reported deceased.

The death toll from the coronavirus has risen by 175, reports the RIVM. The patients have not all died in the last day. In total, as far as is known, 1039 people in the Netherlands have now died from the effects of the coronavirus. That number is actually higher, because only tested patients are taken into account if they die from the effects of infection.

The number of newly reported infections is 845. A total of 12,595 cases of infection are now known. Because not everyone is tested, the actual number of infections is higher.

Source: NOS<small